Living with chronic conditions (Katie’s Story)


I’m really glad to be able to share another story about suffering and living with a chronic condition and illness. It really puts the message out there to everyone that not all conditions are visible and so many of us go through this. It shows everyone that we are not alone and there are others out there who are suffering, and usually in silence. It helps to support and reassure people experiencing similar problems and helps to educate people who aren’t living with chronic conditions. The person’s story I’m sharing today is Katie Ayer (Instagram: _raisingwildthings) a woman who suffered with her mental health, chronic migraines that no treatment seemed to help or cure and then discovered she had cancer. This lady is an inspiration and so strong and her story is completely eye-opening and definitely worth a read. It puts a lot into perspective and I have faith it’ll help people out there, if only a little bit at least. I hope that by sharing her story that others can recognise their own symptoms and experiences and realise they’re not alone and to seek help if needed. This is her story:

“I was diagnosed with anxiety, panic disorder and OCD at the age of 12. Symptoms started when I was 8 but I held it in until I couldn’t anymore. Then around 15 I started getting debilitating migraines, muscle tension headaches. 3 times a week. Then as time went on it became almost daily. I saw physical therapists, specialists, regular docs, massage therapists. Nothing helped. Then I just gave up and decided it was my new normal. I ended up having times where it wouldn’t be as frequent but that never lasted long. Then 4 Year’s ago after I had my daughter I started having ocular migraines. My vision was gone then it would come back with a horrible headache. I started thinking if I had a brain tumor or something was seriously wrong. That totally impacted my anxiety and then made my migraines worse. Then in may of 2017 I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and had to have my thyroid removed and radiation which thankfully took care of it. However a month after my radiation my migraines were daily, my vision looked like objects were vibrating and my ears were ringing and I was incredibly dizzy all day and night. I then went to the emergency and then regular doctors. They told me I’d need a brain MRI to check for a brain tumor or cancer. And in all of my panic attacking life, I’d never been so terrified. Nothing showed on the MRI thankfully. So insane a neurologist who said I have a migraine disorder but just put me on so many awful medications. Eventually I got a second opinion in Boston at Tufts University and was diagnosed with vestibular dysfunction which can cause worsening anxiety and means my inner ear had severe damage which is linked to your eye sight and balance and can cause ocular migraines and daily migraines. Back to physical therapy I went and that is starting to improve. The doc put me on vitamins. VITAMINS!! and my migraines are nearly gone. I cut out gluten dairy and soy from my diet and that has helped with my anxiety. I am finally off my nasty migraine meds which Increased my anxiety with the withdrawal symptoms. But I’m in the mend but dealing with chronic migraines had and has a huge impact on my overall anxiety and panic attacks.”

A huge thank you to Katie for sharing her inspirational story. ❤️

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