Genius lazy parenting hacks everyone needs to know!

Hello fellow parents, or parents-to-be, who have clicked on my blog especially to read this post because, like I was, you’re desperate to find easier and quicker ways of doing things. Just because I’m writing, and you’re reading, a blog post about lazy parenting hacks, that doesn’t make any of us lazy parents. Let’s throw that misjudgement from others, or guilty feeling from ourselves, out the window before we start. No matter how much we love our children and no matter how much time, effort and energy we put into bonding with our little ones and raising them as best we can, we ALL definitely have our moments where we just wish there were easier and quicker ways of doing some things. This is where this blog post will come in handy 😊

Over the last 8 years I have picked up on (and maybe even invented – if anyone else out there hasn’t already beat me to it without realising yet) a ton of genius lazy parenting hacks. I’m not a lazy parent but I have my lazy moments where I think to myself “ugh, how could I make this situation a little bit easier and quicker so that I don’t have to do quite as much work?” πŸ˜‚ who else admits they do this too? I feel for you! This post is especially for parents like us! (And there’s A LOT of us)

Before I list some of my favourite parenting hacks I would first like to state that some of these hacks I picked up from friends and/or family, and some of these hacks I thought of by myself, however, I am aware that there can of course still be people out there who have also thought of something the same or similar as I have. I’m not taking credit for any of the hacks below 😊 Some of the photos posted below will be from myself and some will be from other websites, those of which I will state underneath which website they are from.

Lazy hack 1: frozen sandwiches

(photo taken by me)

I’m not the kind of person who enjoys getting up that extra 15 minutes early in the morning to pack my son’s lunch box. I used to do it for a couple of years, but being the kind of person who thoroughly appreciates their sleep and needs a good 8 hours sleep every night (when my son was a newborn, I was a walking zombie!) I don’t really do well with early mornings that require a lot of effort and thinking first thing! I was getting a bit tired (although, mostly just lazy) of getting up a bit earlier than usual in the mornings to make time for making the packed lunches for my son and I, so instead I started not only making our lunches the night before and putting them in the fridge ready to take out the next morning seconds before we leave the house, but I started making our sandwiches for the week and putting them in the freezer. I make 5 portions each of sandwiches (enough for both of us from Monday – Friday) wrap them in cling film or pop them into a sandwich bag and I put them in the freezer. When you take them out first thing in the morning (around 6:30am usually) they will be defrosted and completely ready, safe and yummy to eat by lunchtime. This way, the sandwiches are safe to keep in the freezer for up to 4-6 weeks. Granted, I don’t do this every week because sometimes, believe it or not, I don’t mind making them individually the evening before school πŸ˜‚ but if I’m having a week where I’m feeling extra lazy and sleepy (usually when my anxiety and depression flares up) I will make the sandwiches the week before and put them all in the freezer! 😊

This hack was a self-taught one, but if you also do this or know anyone else who does this, give me a little thumbs up in the comment section so I can meet some fellow sandwich-freezers!

Lazy parenting hack 2: yoghurt lollies

(photo taken by me)

This one is already a pretty popular one in my family and we’ve been doing this for years! But there are still a lot of parents I talk to who have never thought of doing this when I mention it to them so I just had to share it again because of all this hot weather we’ve been having at the moment. If your children are anything like my son, then they will spring it on you last minute that they fancy an ice lolly because it’s hot. There were many instances when Ben would suddenly come up to me and say “mummy, please can I have an ice lolly because my mouth and throat are hot from the sun?” hmmm nice try, Ben! This kid makes up the strangest excuses for things πŸ˜‚ but, nonetheless, I would always sympathise because it was usually always boiling hot outside when he would ask me for an ice lolly and me being my typical self I would usually forget to buy ice lollies on my food shop. This is where I would often realise we had no ice lollies in the freezer, BUT, we had tons of yoghurts in the fridge that I could adapt to make into perfectly yummy ice lollies. Me being in my lazy mood, I wouldn’t want to get in the car and drive all the way to the shops and spend a fortune on ice lollies when I had very cheap yoghurts at home that could be frozen in the freezer and eaten as ice lollies. As the picture shows above, simply cut a small hole in the yoghurt lid, insert either a lollipop stick or even a straw, pop them in the freezer for a couple of hours and voila! This hack is perfect for when you’re feeling too lazy to go to the shops OR if you’re a bit skint. In previous summer’s I’ve spent a fortune on ice lollies, quickly becoming skint. “There must be a cheaper way of eating ice lollies?!” I would think to myself, so more recently I’ve been buying super cheap supermarket own-brand yoghurts and freezing them instead. 😊

Lazy parenting hack 3: Measuring feet!

(photo taken by me)

This hack is also something I thought of myself, however, I’m sure others have done it too. Who else HATES taking their children to get their feet measured?! I definitely do! It’s the biggest nightmare, especially when they’re younger. Not only does my son just end up running around the shop knocking stuff off the shelves like a bull in a china shop, but he also used to struggle to sit still for the shop assistant when he was younger. He would cry, he would get angry, he would get impatient and he would get bored. All of which would cause havoc in the shoe shop which wasn’t pleasant or fair for anyone involved. A few years ago I knew I had to buy him a few pairs of new shoes because his feet were growing, and I dreaded taking him to the shoe shop as I knew it would just end up in chaos again. Not only that, but I knew how much my son used to hate it and I didn’t want to ruin his happy mood, so instead I got him to stand bare foot on a piece of paper and I would draw around the outside of his feet (you don’t need to draw around each individual toe) as accurately as I could, left my son at home with relatives and I took that piece of paper to the shop with me, showed it to the shop assistant who then measured the drawn feet πŸ˜‚ and she was able to tell me not only his shoe size but the width size of his feet too. Perfect! I was in and out in minutes, there was no screaming, everything remained on the correct shelves and I didn’t have a headache by the end of it! The shoes fit him perfectly too when I took them home.

Parenting hack 4: making breakfast

(photo taken by me)

When my son got to about 3-4 years old he became fiercely independent, well he wanted to become fiercely independent. He hated me doing things for him and absolutely insisted on doing things for himself whenever he could, including making his own meals. He asked me one day if he could make his own breakfast and of course I took the opportunity to teach him how to carefully pour the milk into the bowl and how to carefully pour the cereal into the bowl. He nailed it! But he could never reach the bowl from the cupboards high up, and he could never lift the large, heavy carton of milk for himself and this used to really frustrate him that he could make the breakfast himself but just couldn’t get the ingredients himself. So I started putting his dry breakfast in a bowl and popping it on the bottom shelf of the fridge, along with a cup of milk next to it so that every morning he could just go into the fridge, pull out his bowl of cereal and pour the cup of milk into the bowl and viola he has made his own breakfast (in his eyes) this also meant that in the mornings I could leave him to make his own breakfast and eat it, whilst I got other bits and bobs done around the house, saving a lot of time! It’s a winner all around. 😊 which brings me to my next hack…

Parenting hack 5: making a drink

(photo taken from a BuzzFeed post)

As my son’s independence grew, the more he was wanting to do for himself but unfortunately his height wasn’t growing as quickly as his eagerness to do things by himself was. Just like the hack above, my son wanted to make his own drinks but couldn’t reach the cups in the cupboards high up. So instead I put a little magnet on the back of his favourite plastic cup and I stuck it on the bottom half of the fridge, within his reach, so that whenever he wanted to make himself a drink he could simply take the cup from the fridge and pour himself some water from the tap 😊 this meant that I didn’t have to keep going back and forth to the kitchen to make him a drink I knew he could easily make himself. I haven’t got my own photo of this as we don’t do it anymore – my son is now a lot taller and can reach the cups in their cupboards, but I was really glad to have found on another blog that someone else does it too!

Parenting hack 6: wetting the bed

(photo taken from BuzzFeed post)

When I was potty training my son through the night, it proved difficult. During the day, he instantly learnt how to use a toilet and how to hold in his wee wee and poo poo until he reached a toilet. It was great! 1 day of potty training and he was there! However, night time was a completely different story and he quite often wet the bed between the ages of 2 and 4. It got to a point where most nights, in the middle of the night feeling exhausted, I would be turning the bedroom light on, getting my son out of bed and changing the bedsheets which is possibly the worst thing you can do in the middle of the night when you’re super tired. I used to think to myself “how can I make changing the bedsheets as quick and easy as possible?” I was desperate for a quicker solution. And that’s when I thought of the idea pictured above (again, I’m glad other people also do this and I was able to find a picture related to it on BuzzFeed, because I don’t have my own photo) simply put 2 layers of bed sheets on your child’s bed, separated by a big puppy pad (or any other big pad you can find) that way if they wet the bed, all you have to do is take the first sheet and pad off and then the sheet underneath will already be there nice and dry for you 😊 this made changing his bed sheets in the night so much quicker and easier and I no longer dreaded this situation!

Parenting hack 7: bath time

(photo taken from Google images)

Sadly, I don’t have a photo of my own son doing this but it’s something I used to do with him all the time in the bath so that he wouldn’t fall back or try and climb over the top of the bath and climb out.

When my son started sitting up at about 6 months, he wanted to sit up in the bath too, but I quickly realised that he struggled to sit up in the bath and would often fall back which would result in me having to catch him every few minutes so that he didn’t bang his head as he landed and go under water! The thought really worried me. I kept wondering how I could get him to safely stay sat up in the bath without spending a fortune on something from Mothercare or Baby’s’R’Us. That’s when I realised I could put our plastic laundry basket to even better use by putting it in the bath and then letting Ben sit up in it, leaning against it to keep him upright. He used to love sitting and splashing away in the laundry basket at bath time and sitting upright all by himself (in his eyes) and it made bath time that little more enjoyable and a little less stressful! 😊

Parenting hack 8: eating messy ice cream

Sadly, I don’t have a photo for this one and couldn’t find one anywhere online, so I can only assume not many other people do this (or at least don’t post about it) This was a self taught hack because I was sick and tired of Ben making such a mess whenever he ate ice cream in a cone. The ice cream would always melt all down his fingers and then onto his clothes, the floor and the furniture. It was a nightmare! It was shortly after his 3rd birthday party and he still had some paper party plates leftover from his birthday party. My son and I were eating ice cream in cones for pudding one evening, the mess was quickly forming around his face, down his arms, hands and on his clothes and I suddenly had an idea. So I poked a hole in the middle of the paper plate and pushed the ice cream cone through it just enough so that the scoop of ice cream was still sticking out the top for him to eat, but anything that dripped would drip onto the plate 😊 super easy!

Parenting hack 9: sandy feet!

A lot of us will be going to a beach this summer, whether that’s in the UK or abroad, and every single parent and child DREAD the moment the sand has to be wiped off their body 😩 it’s sticky, it’s sore and it’s just a nightmare. It seems no matter how much we scrub the sand with a towel, it doesn’t all come off, especially on our legs and feet – the parts of the body you wish it would come off the most. Recently I found out that if you sprinkle a bit of baby talc powder on the sandy legs and feet and then rubs it off, all the sand comes off so much easier and quicker! Give it a try 😊

(it’s all thanks to this little rascal that I was able to think of these lazy parenting hacks, so a big thank you to him!)

I hope you enjoyed reading through these lazy parenting hacks and try some of them out 😊 let me know how you get on or if you already do some of these!

Lots of love,

Lauren x

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